Back-Up Power Generators

The coming PG&E Power Shutdowns

Power WILL be down!

The Public Safety Power Shut off Plan (PSPS) will mean shutting off power to transmission lines in high risk fire areas which typically feed substations impacting vast areas. You may be out of power for SEVERAL DAYS after the power has been shut off! Linemen and inspectors will need to patrol the lines AFTER the fire is out prior to re-energizing the lines.

While Public Safety Power Shutoffs are more likely to occur in high fire-risk areas, all Californians could be impacted by emergency events and need to be prepared with a plan and an emergency kit.

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What to expect

The decision to turn off power is based on a a few factors. These include high winds (including Red Flag Warnings declared by the National Weather Service), low humidity, dry vegetation and conditions on the ground. Power outages could last multiple days, depending on the severity of weather conditions and other factors, so it is important for everyone to have an emergency plan in place.

How we can help

Connected Energy LLC will ensure you are always connected to a power source

Don't be left in the dark...

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Ways to become Energy Independent:

Back-Up Power Generators

We are an Official Generac Dealer. We are Generac Factory Trained and Certified. We have the best prices, Installation, Maintenance and Warranty Service in the local area.

Solar Battery Storage

With Solar Energy Storage, you can power your entire house with renewable energy from the Sun. Battery Systems are becoming more effecient and less expensive.

Solar Energy Independence

Off Grid and Micro Grid Design is our specialty. We can reduce or eliminate dependency on the grid to help you achieve your Energy Freedom

Licenced electical and gas-line contractors

Generac Generators must run on Natural Gas or Propane. We worked with the best experienced and certified technicians and licenced electrical contractors to complete your installations to local and national code.

What customers want to know:

....Back Up Power Generators

What is the size of the Generator that I need for my house?
That will depend on your home’s expected electrical load, your home or business's constant power draw, and essential loads.

What fuel source does the Generator run on?

Both Natural Gas and Propane can power home stand-by generators. Diesel is also an option for bigger loads and facilities.

What is the Cost of installation?

The Installation, Testing and Activation of any generator is based on the length of runs for power and fuel source. We offer the best prices on the Generator and materials. Some companies charge much more, but we do not.

Does it need to be permitted?

That depends on the local AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction), size of the generator and how often it will run. Regardless we do all our work to State and National codes

Are we the licensed contractors?

We design systems and manage installations ourselves at a lower labor overhead than most, ensuring that the cost of your project is as low as possible. We work with licenced, bonded and insured contractors to complete installations. We are local to San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties.

....Grid Tied Power

I have a Solar system already installed, can I upgrade to a micro-grid system?

Yes, as long as you own your solar system you can upgrade to a micro-grid through the installation of a battery system and / or the installation of a back-up generator.

Do you install solar systems?

We design solar systems to fit the needs of your electrical system along with backup power options (batteries and/or generator). Our Installers and Technicians are competent, courteous and on time. We are highly trained to ensure that local, State and National codes are followed in these technically advanced systems.

....Off Grid Power

What is an Off-grid system? Do I need one?

Off-grid electrical systems exist where no utility electricity is available. Therefore if there are no utility lines running to your property, you need an Off-grid system. If you have access to utility power, a grid-tied micro grid is a more economically advantageous choice.

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